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Cytological studies of tumors

XV. Reciprocal effects on growth of two different tumors in the same host
  • Sajiro Makino
  • Akira Tonomura


The present paper describes observations concerning the growth of two different rat ascites tumors, MTK-sarcoma II and Takeda sarcoma, implanted in the same host. Two types of tumor cells inoculated in the same host affect each other; the mitotic rate of the tumor cells is strikingly decreased and their damage with consequent retardation of tumor growth is remarkable. Growth of Takeda sarcoma is inhibited by either co-existence or pre-existance of MTK-sarcoma II in the same host. In the pre-existence of Takeda sarcoma, the damage to tumor cells of both tumors and consequent retardation of the tumor growth are very remarkable, prolonging the life of tumor-bearing animals in many cases.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Sajiro Makino
    • 1
  • Akira Tonomura
    • 1
  1. 1.Zoological InstituteHokkaido UniversitySapporo(Japan)

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