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Histochemische Untersuchungen bei Pagetscher Erkrankung der Vulva

  • Günter Strauss


One case of Paget's disease of the vulva is described, the 5th case (3rd publication) in literature, which is analysed histochemically. A carcinoma of the cutis was not found.

Besides of the typical Paget-cells, which are considered to be changed regressively, is another anaplastical type of cells, being found in clusters and as single cells.

Both types of cells contain glycogen and a mucopolysaccharid or mucoproteid, which is neutral in typical cells, while being slightly acid in anaplastic ones. Regarding their contents of these carbohydrates, these cells clearly show some differences as to quantity, but not as to essential qualities. It is supposed therefore, that there are no fundamentally different cells, but different functional conditions of the Paget-cells.

The importance of the dendrit-cells for the appearance of melanine in the clusters of Paget-cells is shown, thereby the changes in the epidermis, which were observed, are differentiated as Paget's disease from the intraepidermal melanocarcinoma, in spite of their containing melanine.

Fundamentally we see in mammary as well as in extramammary Paget's disease an epidermotropic praecancerosis of the ducts of the glands (of mamma and sweat glands), which can show histological and clinical differences regarding the development of carcinoma, on account of different anatomical and functional conditions of the respective localisation.


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