Zeitschrift für Kinderheilkunde

, Volume 94, Issue 3, pp 208–228 | Cite as

Studien zur Pathologie der Statik und Motorik bei hirngelähmten Kindern

2. Teil Korrelationen mit den “Begleitdefekten”
  • J. Paul
  • J. Frank


The same children were investigated under the aspect of
  1. 1.

    abnormalities of the eyes (amaurosis, nystagmus, strabismus)

  2. 2.

    manifest cerebral fits

  3. 3.

    mental retardation and

  4. 4.



These additional defects are discussed in respect to the form of paralysis and static-motoric retardations. Consideration is given to the therapeutic means in these defects and it is pointed out that there is a correlation in the development of different fields of retardations.


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  • J. Paul
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  • J. Frank
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  1. 1.Universitäts-Kinderklinik Erlangen-NürnbergErlangenDeutschland

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