Suppression of isoprenaline-induced increase in plasma renin concentration by vasoconstrictors in rats with nonfunctioning Macula densa

  • D. K. Meyer
  • G. Hertting
  • Ch. Mittermayer
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The mechanism of the increase in plasma renin concentration caused by the β-sympathomimetic agent isoprenaline has been further investigated.

Rats were pretreated by occluding the left renal artery for 2 hrs, thus rendering the macula densa cells of this kidney nonfunctioning. After contralateral nephrectomy infusion of isoprenaline (1.5 μg/kg min) still caused a strong increase in plasma renin concentration. This increase was significantly suppressed by simultaneous infusion of angiotensin II (1.0 μg/kg min), the α-sympathomimetic amine phenylephrine (60 μg/kg min) or octapressin (10 mU/kg min). The results exclude any mediator-role of the macula densa receptors in the isoprenaline-induced release of renin.

The possibility of a stimulation of renin release via the baroreceptors or a direct “secretomotoric” action of isoprenaline is discussed.

Key words

Isoprenaline Renin Vasoconstrictors Macula densa 


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  • D. K. Meyer
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  • G. Hertting
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  • Ch. Mittermayer
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  1. 1.Pathologisches Institut der Universität FreiburgFreiburgGermany
  2. 2.Pharmakologisches Institut der Universität Freiburg i. Br.Germany

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