Hydrogenase activity and methanogenesis in anaerobic sewage sludge, in rumen liquid, and in freshwater sediments

  • U. Zaiß
  • H. Kaltwasser
Microbiology of Sewage and Industrial Wastes


The applicability of hydrogenase determinations to the evaluation of hydrogen transfer reactions occurring within methanogenic environments was investigated. Enzymatic hydrogen production was determined in digester sludge, river sediments, and rumen liquid using reduced methyl viologen, formate, and pyruvate as hydrogen donors. Hydrogenase determinations turned out not to be inhibited by toxic compounds present in sediments of the polluted river Saar. Comparative kinetic studies of the conversion of acetate and of hydrogen to methane support the assumption that carbon dioxide reduction by hydrogen accounts for the major part of methane formed in river sediments. In rumen liquid and in river sediments similar enzyme patterns were observed which were different from that found in digester sludge. The rates of methanogenesis correlated well with hydrogenase activities in all ecosystems studied: Correlation coefficients ranged from 0.84 to 0.95. Rumen liquid and river sediments exhibited higher hydrogenase activities than digester sludge when compared at identical rates of methane production. According to these results, the hydrogenase determination is applicable to the evaluation of the hydrogen transfer, occurring within the microbial biomass of anaerobic ecosystems.


Sludge Microbial Biomass Sewage Sludge Hydrogen Production River Sediment 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • U. Zaiß
    • 1
  • H. Kaltwasser
    • 1
  1. 1.Fachrichtung MikrobiologieUniversität des SaarlandesSaarbrückenFederal Republic of Germany

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