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Culture method to study fungal growth in solid fermentation


A new culture method is described to study the growth of Aspergillus niger on cassava meal in the solid state. This method uses preparations of the cooked starchy substrate as a homogeneous granulated product containing spores, salts and water. An incubation device aerates the mass with humidified air at a controlled temperature. Homogeneous development of mycelia, without sporulation, occurred in the substrate mass. From physiological studies, optimal conditions for A. niger growth on cassava in the solid state were 50–55% moisture, 35°C, a nitrogen source comprising 60% ammonium and 40% urea (on a nitrogen basis) and 2×107 spores/g of substrate. Growth kinetics were established and changes in pH, protein, carbohydrate and water content were determined during the incubation. Growth rate and yield were quite similar to those described in the literature for A. niger cultivated in liquid media under optimal conditions.

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  • Fermentation
  • Solid State
  • Optimal Condition
  • Aspergillus
  • Nitrogen Source