Biochemical Genetics

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Biochemical markers in rats: Linkage relationships of aconitase (Acon-1), aldehyde dehydrogenases (Ahd-2 and Ahd-c), alkaline phosphatase (Akp-1), and hydroxyacid oxidase (Hao-1)

  • Donald V. Cramer
  • Patricia A. Mowery
  • Mark Adams


We have examined the linkage relationships between five biochemical markers, Acon-1, Ahd-2, Ahd-c, Akp-1, and Hao-1, and 19 other genetic loci in five breeding combinations. The genetic locus that codes for a recently described aldehyde dehydrogenase in the liver (Ahd-c) has been assigned to linkage group X (LG X). Hydroxyacid oxidase is coded for by a locus (Hao-1) that is linked to genes that encode agouti coat color and seminal vesicle proteins in linkage group IV. Alkaline phosphatase (Akp-1) was linked to the locus that encodes the C6 component of complement and this association provisionally defines a new linkage group (LG XI) in the rat. The locus Acon-1 could not be positively assigned to a specific linkage group but the results from one breeding combination suggest that this locus may be included in linkage group II. No linkage relationship could be detected for the aldehyde dehydrogenase coded for by Ahd-2.

Key words

rat enzyme polymorphism linkage aconitase aldehyde dehydrogenase alkaline phosphatase hydroxyacid oxidase 


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© Plenum Publishing Corporation 1986

Authors and Affiliations

  • Donald V. Cramer
    • 1
  • Patricia A. Mowery
    • 1
  • Mark Adams
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of PathologyUniversity of Pittsburgh School of MedicinePittsburgh
  2. 2.Evolutionary Biology UnitSouth Australia MuseumNorth Terrace, AdelaideAustralia

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