Inducibility of benzoate oxidizing cell activities in Acinetobacter calcoaceticus strain Bs 5 by chlorobenzoates as influenced by the position of chlorine atoms and the inducer concentration

  • Hans H. Reber
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Among four chlorobenzoates tested, only 3-chlorobenzoate and 4-chlorobenzoate were capable of inducing benzoate oxidizing cell activities in Acinetobactercalcoaceticus strain Bs 5, whereas 2-chlorobenzoate and 2,6-dichlorobenzoate were not. With the monochlorobenzoates, this inducing capability decreased with increasing proximity of the chlorine atom to the carboxyl group, i.e. in the order: 4-chlorobenzoate > 3-chlorobenzoate > 2-chlorobenzoate. It is therefore supposed that the induction of benzoate oxidizing cell activities is inhibited primarily be sterical influences of the chlorine substituents of the various chlorobenzoates.

With decreasing concentration of 3-chlorobenzoate and 4-chlorobenzoate, the induction of benzoate oxidizing cell activities decreased. Below a critical concentration of 1 μM, these activities were no longer detectable in the cells of Acinetobactercalcoaceticus, with the consequence that below this concentration limit, the degradation of 3-chlorobenzoate and 4-chlorobenzoate was no longer possible.


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