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Measurements of the normal ventricular system and hemispheric sulci of 100 adults with computed tomography

  • C. Gyldensted


The brains of 100 normal adults were examined with 160×160 matrix computed tomography (CT). The left lateral ventricle was found to be larger than the right in both sexes, and both lateral ventricles were larger in the male. There was a statistically significant increase of all cerebral parameters with age, and the cella media index showed a correspondingly small decrease with age. The linear measurements of the lateral ventricles demonstrated positive correlation to cranial size, while the widths of the third ventricle and of the hemispheric sulci were independent of the size of the skull.

Key words

Computed tomography, cranial Ventricular system, normal Hemispheric sulci, normal 


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  • C. Gyldensted
    • 1
  1. 1.University Department of NeuroradiologyRigshospitaletCopenhangenDenmark

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