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Modification of the enamel maturation pattern by vinblastine as revealed by glyoxal bis(2-hydroxyanil) staining and 45calcium radioautography

  • M. D. McKee
  • H. Warshawsky


Patterns characteristic of enamel maturation can be visualized at the surface of the rat incisor by staining with glyoxal bis(2-hydroxyanil) (GBHA) and radioautography following 45calcium injection. In this study, the effects of vinblastine on enamel maturation were monitored by these two methods. At 4 h after injection of vinblastine, the darkly-stained GBHA bands had widened incisally into the interband regions when compared to normal, control teeth. Radioautography at 5 min after calcium injection in vinblastine-treated animals (4 h) showed a modified maturation pattern of weaker labeling and less distinct banding. At 8 h after vinblastine injection, most of the enamel stained uniformly with GBHA, and bands and interband regions could not be resolved. Radioautography at 5 min after calcium injection showed that the 8 h vinblastine treatment removed the banding pattern, leaving only a weakly-labeled area. Vinblastine is known to destroy and prevent the formation and turnover of microtubules, and hence the formation of ruffled borders of ruffle-ended ameloblasts (Akita et al. 1983). The concomitant decrease in calcium incorporation implies that events taking place in relation to the ruffled border may affect calcium exchange or accretion within the enamel.


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  • M. D. McKee
    • 1
  • H. Warshawsky
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of AnatomyMcGill UniversityMontrealCanada

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