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Notes on the petrology of some ophiolites, othris mountains, Greece

  • Andrew Hynes


Igneous rocks typical of ophiolite complexes are preserved in a stack of thrust sheets in the Othris Mountains of eastern Greece. Mineralogical studies of mafic rocks indicate that the majority have tholeiitic affinities, but there is evidence of a subordinate, mildly alkaline trend. Petrographic and chemical evidence suggest that the present mineral assemblage in the mafic rocks may be the result primarily of the activity of deuteric or secondary hydrothermal fluids. The “amphibolites” so common in dredge-hauls from the oceans may have originated in the same way. These metamorphic rocks, with perfectly preserved igneous textures, must be distinguished from schistose amphibolites, which also occur on the ocean floors and in ophiolite complexes.


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