Use of organic reagents in inorganic analysis

Part II. Determination of thorium with some anilic acids
  • Sachindra Kumar Datta


Of the seven anilic acids from phthalic anhydride and aromatic amines studied, only four, namely o- and p-nitranilic acids and those from o-anisidine and α-naphthylamine, were found suitable as analytical reagents for thorium, of these again, m-nitranilic acid was the most effective. Introduction of nitro and methoxy group in the amine-ring of the anilic acid enhances its thorium-precipitating action. The ph range for the complete precipitation of thorium with nitranilic acids is 2.7 to 4.6, whereas the same with others is round about 3 to 4.6. Separation of thorium from the cerite earths were attempted with all the acids, but the four only as mentioned above were found useful. These four acids were also successfully utilised for the separation of thorium from foreign ions and monazite extract. Zirconium could not be separated from thorium with any of these reagents.


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