Biochemical Genetics

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Genetics of sunflower alcohol dehydrogenase: Adh 2 ,nonlinkage to Adh 1 and Adh 1 early alleles

  • Andrew M. Torres


Alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) isozymes in annual sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) are dimers whose subunits are produced by two genes, Adh 1 and Adh 2 .The codominant F and S alleles of Adh 1 produce the slower-migrating set of three isozymes. The faster-migrating set of three isozymes is controlled by Adh 2 , which also has at least two alleles, F and S. Hybridization experiments indicated that the Adh 2 alleles segregate in expected Mendelian fashion and that Adh 1 and Adh 2 are not linked. A third common 1-locus allele is designated early (E) because when homozygous it results in a blank at the 1FF isozyme position in mature seeds, but in developing seeds produces a normal-appearing band at the 1FF position. Hybridization studies showed that the early alleles segregated normally. Correlation between genotype and presence or absence of isozymes electrophoretically intermediate between those of Adh 1 and Adh 2 suggests that four intergenic isozymes may be formed as a result of dimerization of the four basic subunits. Studies of zymograms of developing seeds suggest that the remaining but inconstant zymogram bands are mature seed isozymes which have altered charges during early morphogenesis and thus are developmental artifacts.

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  • Andrew M. Torres
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  1. 1.Department of BotanyThe University of KansasLawrence

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