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Synthesis of monodispersed organic-inorganic hybrid spheres

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  • Motoyuki Toki


This paper describes the attempt to prepare a new group of monodispersed silica-polymer hybrid particles, which consists of silica and amide polymer: poly(vinylpyrrolidone) (PVP) and poly(2-ethyloxazoline) (POXZ). Preparation method is based on the growth of hybrid seeds by the addition of TEOS-polymer solution.

Monodispersed PVP-silica hybrid particles of 1.24 µm in diameter were prepared by growing the hybrid seeds of 0.54 µm by the addition of TEOS-PVP solution with ammonia catalyst. In the case of POXZ-silica particles, addition of TEOS-POXZ solution to the solution containing 0.54 µm seeds resulted in monodispersed POXZ-silica hybrid particles and four times repetition of the addition for particle growth gave the hybrid particles of the diameter of 1.6 µm.

Improvement of mechanical properties of hybrid particles was observed when the particles were heated at 100 ∼ 200°C.


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  • Motoyuki Toki
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  1. 1.Kansai Research Institute, Kyoto Research ParkKyotoJapan

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