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Genetic linkage relationships between two enzyme loci, Est-2 and acph, in the mosquito Aedes (Finlaya) togoi

  • Takeo Tadano


An esterase locus (Est-2), coding for carboxylesterase, and an acid phosphatase locus (Acph) were genetically studied by agar gel electrophoresis in the mosquito Aedes (Finlaya) togoi. The Est-2 and Acph variants occur as a monomer and a dimer, respectively. Both enzyme loci are linked to the sex locus (M) and s (straw-colored larva); the gene arrangement and recombination distances were Est-2—12.6%—s—31.7%—M—2.9%—Acph—3.2%—Est-3. The Est-3 locus was previously shown to code for carboxylesterase.

Key words

Aedes togoi linkage carboxylesterase locus acid phosphatase locus 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Takeo Tadano
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Medical ZoologySt. Marianna University School of MedicineKawasaki City, Kanagawa PrefectureJapan

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