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Immunocytochemical identification and localization of peptide hormones in the gastro-entero-pancreatic (GEP) endocrine system of the mouse and a stomachless fish, Barbus conchonius

  • I. H. W. M. Rombout
  • C. P. M. van der Grinten
  • F. M. Peeze Binkhorst
  • J. J. Taverne-Thiele
  • H. Schooneveld
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A large number of antisera mainly raised against mammalian hormones are tested immunocytochemically on the GEP-endocrine system of mouse and fish (Barbus conchonius). The endocrine pancreas of mouse and fish appeared to contain the same four endocrine cell types; insulin-, glucagon-, PP- and somatostatin-immunoreactive cells.

In mouse about 13 GEP endocrine cell types are distinguished 1. insulin-, 2. somatostatin-, 3. glucagon-, 4. PP-, 5. (entero)glucagon-/PP-like, 6. CCK-like, 7. substance P-, 8. neurotensin-, 9. VIP-, 10. gastrin-, 11. secretin-, 12. β-endorphin-, 13. serotonin-immunoreactive cells.

Based on this and a previous study at least 13 GEP endocrine cell types seems to be present in stomachless fish: 1–9 as described for mouse, 10. (entero)glucagon-like, 11. met-enkephalin, 12. VIP-like, 13. unspecific immunoreactive endocrine cells.

Coexistence of glucagon and PP-like peptides is found in the gut and pancreas of mice and in the gut of B. conchonlus. In mouse pancreas and fish gut, endocrine cells showing only PP-or glucagon-like immunoreactivity are found too. In mouse stomach some endocrine cells, showing only PP-immunoreactivity are demonstrated. In the same region coexistence of C-1-gastrin-and FMRF-amide-immunoreactivity is found in endocrine cells. The importance of these phenomena are discussed.

Enteric nerves immunoreactive with antisera raised against substance P and GRP are found in mouse, against somatostatin and met-enkephalin in both mouse and fish and against VIP in fish.


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