Water, Air, and Soil Pollution

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An Eulerian model for atmospheric transport of heavy metals over Europe: Model description and preliminary results

  • Jerzy Bartnicki


This paper presents the Heavy Metals Eulerian Transport (HMET) model and simulation results for Europe for 1985. The HMET model takes into account emission, atmospheric transport and deposition of As, Cd, Pb and Zn computed on the EMEP grid system. Meteorological inputs consist of the velocity field at 925 hPa, precipitation and mixing height. Velocity field and precipitation are updated every 6 hr during the model run. New values of mixing height are available every 24 hr. The dry deposition velocities for each metal are variable in space and depend on the particle distribution function for each particular metal. Wet deposition is proportional to the precipitation intensity for the previous 6 hr and a constant scavenging ratio. Model equations are solved by means of the positive definite pseudospectral method which provides accurate numerical solutions for the advection problem. Comparison of the model results with available observations for 1985 indicate a good agreement for Cd and Pb, sufficient egreement for As and serious underestimation for Zn. Since the number of available observations for heavy metals in Europe in 1985 is relatively small, the model results presented in this paper should be considered as preliminary. However, the HMET model performance in computing these results shows that it can be easily and efficiently used as an operational tool and is especially useful for estimating transboundary transport of heavy metals in Europe.


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  • Jerzy Bartnicki
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  1. 1.The IBM Bergen Environmental Sciences & Solutions CentreBergenNorway

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