Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds

, Volume 13, Issue 1, pp 108–110 | Cite as

Synthesis of triaza-2- cyclohexene derivatives

  • G. S. Gol'din
  • L. S. Baturina


Di- and trialkyl derivatives of 1,3,4-triaza-2-cyclohexene were synthesized by reaction of N,N'-dimethylethyleneaminohydrazine with monocarboxylic acid and their anhydrides, esters, amides, and hydrazides. Alkyl derivatives of α,ω-bis [2-(1,3,4-triaza-2-cyclohexenyl)]alkanes were obtained as a result of the reaction of N,N'-dimethylethyleneaminohydrazine with dicarboxylic acids and their derivatives. 1-Ammo-1,3,4-triaza-2-cyclohexene derivatives were obtained from ethylenedihydrazine and monocarboxylic acid esters.


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  • G. S. Gol'din
  • L. S. Baturina

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