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Transtympanic administration of aminoglycosides in patients with Menière's disease

Original Investigations


Transtympanic administration of gentamicin was used to treat patients with unilateral Menière's disease and was stopped at the first signs of damage to cochlear and/or vestibular function. Twenty-eight patients were treated between 1974 and 1981 and 34 patients were managed between 1981 and 1987. In the two groups of patients, objective vertigo disappeared in 85%, hearing improved in 26%, aural fullness disappeared in 78%, while tinnitus ceased altogether in 51% and became less intense in 24%. Our findings show that this kind of treatment can be used after unsuccessful medical therapy and prior to any labyrinthine or endolymphatic sac surgery.

Key words

Menière's disease Aminoglycosides-Transtympanic gentamicin Vertigo Tinnitus 


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