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Die Technik der Tränensackoperation nach Falk bei saecalen und präsaccalen Stenosen

  • W. Mootz
  • P. Falk
II. Teil: Sitzungsbericht Rundtischgespräch II

Falk's technik of lacrimal sac operation in saccal and presaccal stenoses


The lacrimal sac as saccular structure is totally sacrificed in the extranasal dacryocytorhinostomy introduced by Falk. The sac is opened over its total extent and implanted in toto in to the lateral nasal wall. This procedure proved to be successful in almost all kinds of lacrimal duct stenoses in our clinic (for example following fractures of maxilla and nasal skeleton as well as after unsuccessful previous operations according to one of the conventional methods). Indication for this operation is now being extended also to such cases where there is an obliteration of lacrimal ductules or where the lacrimal sac is obliterated. In this case following a typical lacrimal sac operation the stenosis is revised, a thin venous catheter is introduced via the lacrimal point into the inferior lacrimal duct and drained into the nose. The catheter is removed after an average of some 6 weeks.

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  • W. Mootz
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  • P. Falk
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  1. 1.Homburg/Saar

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