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Autoradiographische Untersuchungen an konservierten Homologen Knorpeltransplantaten im subacuten Gewebe

  • H. Hildmann
  • A. Aloussi
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Autoradiographic investigations on preserved homologous cartilage transplants in the subcutaneous tissue


The problem of resorption of preserved homologous transplants has been studied extensively by numerous investigators. It has not been answered however wether the components of the matrix are changed or washed out under the influence of host tissue or fluids. The transplants were labbelled by injecting S35 as sodium sulphate to the donor animal. The ribs were removed, preserved in Cialit, and were finally taken from the host rabbit at different intervals after transplantation. Comparing the transplants the autoradiographic evaluation did not show a change of the silvergrain pattern. It can be concluded that the mucopolysaccharide—protein—complex is not removed or eluated by the intercellular fluids of the host and the substructure remains unaltered. In areas of cellular resorption a change of silvergrainpattern does not precede the invading cells.

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  • H. Hildmann
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  • A. Aloussi
    • 2
  1. 1.Kiel
  2. 2.Bagdad

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