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Veränderungen des Flimmerepithels bei chronischen Entzündungen. Eine transmissions- und rasterelektronenmikroskopische Studie der Mukosa des oberen Respirationstraktes

  • K. W. Albegger
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A scanning and transmission electron microscopic study of the upper respiratory tract mucous membrane


The mucociliary clearance plays a central part in the physical effective defense mechanism of the upper respiratory tract. The mucociliary transport is dependent of the biochemical and physical (rheologic) properties of the secretion on the one hand, and of the normal function and anatomical integrity of the cilia on the other hand. Cilia abnormalities and variations, but also atypical “hair-like” filaments were demonstrated, which can develop in the course of chronic respiratory diseases. These changes may obviously influence the mucociliary clearance and therefore play a major part in the etiology of chronic respiratory diseases.

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  • K. W. Albegger
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