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Klinisch experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Pathogenese der sekundären Adhäsivprozesse

  • U. Koch
  • H.-W. Pau
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The pathogenesis of the secondary adhesive processes. A clinical and experimental study


According to the clinical experience the rate of relapses in operated adhesive processes is very high. We found tympanic pressure to be normal in one third of the cases, therefore the impaired tubal function cannot be the only reason for relapses. With a special method we could demonstrate that there is a great difference in the development of tympanic pressure in cases of operated adhesive processes compared with cases with normal elasticity of the tympanic membrane.

So changes of the elasticity may be an important factor influencing the rate of relapses.

We could support this conception using models for tympanometric experiments.

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  • U. Koch
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  • H.-W. Pau
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