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Klinische und bakteriologische Aspekte zum Peritonsillarabszeß

  • H. Brunckhorst
  • M. Münzel
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Clinical and bacteriological aspects on peritonsillar abscess


More than 200 cases of peritonsillar abscess, observed during the last years, are evaluated under clinical and bacteriological aspects. The mean age of these patients was about 35 years, there was a predominance of the male sex. Bacteriological investigations showed, that in about 85% of these cases, streptococcus alone or together with other microorganisms could be found. Especially during the last years, there was an increased finding of anaerobs in the abscesses. Taking material from a peritonsillar abscess, one should take special care for the provement of these microorganisms. For their proof, a special transportmedium and a quick processing is necessary.

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  • H. Brunckhorst
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  • M. Münzel
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