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Die Reaktionsform der Cochlea beim experimentell induzierten Hörsturz

  • M. Handrock
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The reaction pattern of the cochlea in cases of experimentally induced sudden deafness


Sudden deafness was produced in 127 guinea pigs. In one group (n=68) we used acoustic overstimulation (140 dB SPL pink noise for 5 min). In a second group (n=59) the cochlea was damaged with a cryoprobe (−196° C, 1 min). Both methods produced a permanent threshold shift of about 50 dB. After implantation of a permanent electrode, the input-output functions were determined before and after the damage as well as up to the 16th postoperative day. The comparison of the results showed that the reaction of the cochlea to the same irritation was very different. This must be taken into consideration especially in evaluating the effect of therapeutic pharmaca.

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