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Action of insulin and glucose on the re-esterification rate of free fatty acids in isolated human fat cells

  • H. -J. Lisch
  • S. Sailer
  • F. Sandhofer
  • W. Schennach
  • H. Braunsteiner


In isolated human fat cells of the greater omentum and the mammary gland, the effect of glucose, fructose, and/or insulin was tested on the re-esterification rate of FFA measured by the balance method. It could be shown that in the absence of glucose no re-esterification activity was demonstrable. Glucose alone or fructose alone stimulated the re-esterification of FFA dose-dependently in isolated fat cells of the greater omentum, and to a minor degree in fat cells of the mammary gland. Insulin had no effect on the re-esterification rate of FFA in the presence or absence of glucose or fructose, whereas it significantly stimulated the incorporation of glucose-C into CO2 and lipids. It is concluded that the re-esterification of FFA in human adipose tissue, at least in vitro, is mainly controlled by glucose without need for insulin.

Key words Glucose fructose insulin isolated fat cells re-esterification of free fatty acids 


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  • H. -J. Lisch
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  • S. Sailer
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  • F. Sandhofer
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  • W. Schennach
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  • H. Braunsteiner
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