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30 Jahre Erfahrungen mit der primären Veloplastik

  • W. Schweckendiek
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Thirty years experiences with primary veloplasty


Primary veloplasty during the first year of age enables the normal growth of the upper jaw and of the facial skull in patients with clefts of lip, alveolus and palate. In spite of the remaining cleft in the hard palate well intelligible speech can be learned. The remaining cleft is sometimes covered with a temporary orthodontic plate. The closure of the residual cleft is generally postponed to the age about 12–14 years, when the normal growth of the maxilla is virtually completed. The good longitudinal results are confirmed by clinical, radiological and phonetic researchs. The plaster cast reproduction of the jaws shows nearly normal bite-proportions. According to their talents patients may take up a profession and, by this, they must be considered as completely rehabilitated.

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