Alkaline bromine as volumetric reagent, analytical applications

Part II estimation of isopropyl alcohol and acetone singly as well as in mixture
  • K. C. Grover
  • R. C. Mehrotra


It has been shown that both isopropyl alcohol and acetone are quantitatively oxidised to acetic acid and carbon dioxide by alkaline hypobromite solutions and can be estimated volumetrically with the help of this reagent. It is already known that chromic acid oxidises isopropyl alcohol to acetone only under controlled conditions. A combination of the above two reagents can, therefore, be utilized for the volumetric estimation of isopropyl alcohol and acetone when present together in a mixture.


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  • K. C. Grover
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  • R. C. Mehrotra
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  1. 1.Chemical LaboratoriesThe University of LucknowLucknowIndia

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