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Die Diphtherie im Zeitalter der Antibiotika

  • A. Meyer zum Gottesberge
  • M. Quante
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Diphtheria in an age of antibiotics


In Düsseldorf repeated incidences of severe membranous angina were observed, several cases of which had a fatal outcome. Though the bacteriological proof could only be furnished in one case, in the rest of the cases there was also the strong suspicion of diphtheria.

To guarantee the final diagnosis, it is necessary, to make the throat swab before the antibiotic therapy begins, since only a single dosis of penicillin jeopardizes the demonstration of the infectious agent. It must urgently be reminded of the necessity, that in cases of suspicion a diphtheria antitoxin should be given in good time, not waiting for the bacteriological clarification, since already a whole generation of physicians from their personal experience is no longer up to date on the clinical picture of diphtheria.

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  • A. Meyer zum Gottesberge
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  • M. Quante
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