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Untersuchungen zum Knochenumbau in Hammer und Amboß mit Hilfe des autoradiographischen Nachweisverfahrens

  • H. Hildmann
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Autoradiographic investigations on bone remodelling in malleus and incus


Incus and malleus of 5 rabbits were examined by means of autoradiography after application of tritiated aminoacids to 3 and of S35 to 2 animals. It was demonstrated that subperiostal and skeinlike bone have a turnover for protein and sulphated glycosaminoglycanes on the molecular level. The interglobular spaces are excluded from metabolic activity whereas the adjacent cells remain vital. The observations indicate that some cartilage cells may change their original function and produce a groundsubstance different from cartilage. Osteones as described by Tonna in skeletal bone could not be shown in the autoradiogram.

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