Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

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Forehead rhytidoplasty: Endoscopic approach

  • Antonio Carlos Abramo


The difficulty in determining how much skin must be resected to achieve an adequate forehead and eyebrow lift through the coronal approach led the author to search for another forehead rhytidoplasty procedure. The endoscopic approach yields a natural lift of the eyebrows without skin excision through a minimal incision. It has been useful for patients who have a prominent forehead or have had a forehead rhytidoplasty. In addition, this technique provides a smooth forehead that is achieved by breaking the continuity of the forehead and glabella muscles. Despite the fact that the endoscopic approach is in the early stages of development, the results obtained from its use allow it to be an alternative procedure for treating the aging forehead and glabella.

Key words

Endoscopic approach Corrugator Procerus Frontal belly Forehead-Glabella 


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  • Antonio Carlos Abramo
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  1. 1.São PauloBrazil

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