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A new instrument for performing an open capsulotomy in the transaxillary submuscular approach

  • Carl Troilius


A new way to perform a safe and predictable open capsulotomy is presented. A capsular contracture occurring after a subpectoral breast augmentation can not be handled with a closed capsulotomy. A patient who has a nicely healed scar in the axilla after a previous breast augmentation is likely not very interested in having a new scar added on the breast from a capsulotomy. Therefore, the author tried to handle this through the old axillary scar. In many cases the capsulotomy can be accomplished with a blunt dissector, but when this is not enough, the capsule has to be cut open with a sharp instrument. Such an instrument for this purpose was not on the market. This has lead to the new design of one.

Key words

Breast augmentation Transaxillary Submuscular Capsulotomy 


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  • Carl Troilius
    • 1
  1. 1.MalmöSweden

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