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Christianity, the Coptic religion and ethnic minorities in Egypt

  • Gregorius
The Nile Countries


The Copts are the direct descendants of the Old Egyptians. Today they form the Christian minority in Egypt whose number is about nine millions. The Coptic language originates from the language spoken in Ancient Egypt and the Coptic music has also its roots in the Old Egyptian music. Both the Coptic language and Coptic music have survived in the liturgy of the Coptic Church till today. The early Coptic Church had a great impact on the Christian world. Apostle Athanasius of Alexandria formulated the Christian Creed, St. Antonius the Great and St. Pakhomius founded the monastic system, and the Theological School of Alexandria had a great reputation. The Coptic Church is also the church of the martyrs and it lived through long ages of severe persecution. Yet the Copts are wellknown for loyalty to their country and they are proud of their Egyptian identity.


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