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Isolation of aflatoxin from Acacia and the incidence of Aspergillus flavus in the Sudan

  • Mahgoub H. Abdalla


A total of 1300 seeds from 13 commodities were surveyed for Aspergillus flavus. An additional inoculum was obtained from 6 divergent sources. A. flavus isolants, randomly selected on the bases of visual cultural characteristics and inoculum source, were assayed for aflatoxin yielding capacity. Out of 97 analyzed isolates 76 (78.3%) were aflatoxin-elaborators of which 27 (27.8%) colonies were classified as very highly toxinogenic (>1000 μ/kg)

Acacia, described a new source of aflatoxin (81 to >1000 μg/kg), is herein first described from Sudan as a substrate for A. flavus.


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  • Mahgoub H. Abdalla
    • 1
  1. 1.OmdurmanSudan

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