Approximate subgradients and coderivatives in R n


We show that in two dimensions or higher, the Mordukhovich-Ioffe approximate subdifferential and Clarke subdifferential may differ almost everywhere for real-valued Lipschitz functions. Uncountably many Fréchet differentiable vector-valued Lipschitz functions differing by more than constants can share the same Mordukhovich-Ioffe coderivatives. Moreover, the approximate Jacobian associated with the Mordukhovich-Ioffe coderivative can be nonconvex almost everywhere for Fréchet differentiable vector-valued Lipschitz functions. Finally we show that for vector-valued Lipschitz functions the approximate Jacobian associated with the Mordukhovich-Ioffe coderivative can be almost everywhere disconnected.

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Key words

  • subgradient
  • coderivative
  • generalized Jacobian
  • Lipschitz function
  • bump function
  • gauge
  • nowhere dense set
  • Lebesgue measure
  • disconnectedness