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Minicircular DNA having sequence homologies with chloroplast DNA in a bleached mutant of Euglena gracilis

  • Philippe Heizmann
  • Patrick Ravel-Chapuis
  • Victor Nigon


Chloroplast DNA was isolated from total cellular DNA of a bleached mutant of Euglena gracilis (Y3BUD) by enrichment of the light component (p = 1.686) by repeated CsCl equilibrium centrifugations. Electron microscope visualization of this DNA showed minicircular DNA molecules in addition to large circular molecules (42 pm) identical to wild type chloroplast DNA. They were heterogenous in size and their contour lengths ranged from 0.8 to 8.5 μm. Fractionnation by agarose gel electrophoresis gave several discrete bands. Some of them hybridized with pure chloroplast DNA and with several cloned chloroplast DNA fragments, particularly to ribosomal fragments, while others did not show homology with chloroplast DNA being probably of extrachloroplatic origin.

Key words

Minicircular DNA Chloroplast DNA Bleached mutant 


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© Springer-Verlag 1982

Authors and Affiliations

  • Philippe Heizmann
    • 1
  • Patrick Ravel-Chapuis
    • 1
  • Victor Nigon
    • 1
  1. 1.Département de Biologie GénéraleUniversité Claude Bernard Lyon IVilleurbanne CedexFrance

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