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DENIS: a deep near-infrared Southern Sky survey

  • N. Epchtein


DENIS is the first attempt to achieve a digitized survey of the all Southern Sky in 3 near-infrared bands (I, J, short-K). It will be carried out with a dedicated IR camera equipped with two NICMOS3 arrays and one CCD Tektronix and set up at the 1 meter telescope of the European Southern Observatory in Chile. The sky will be scanned near the meridian in a step-and-stare mode. The ≈4 Tbytes of raw image data will be processed, analyzed, archived and distributed in 2 computing centers located at Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands and at Institut d'Astrophysique in Paris. Large scale counts and production of homogeneous catalogs and databases of infrared and optically faint stars and evolved galaxies will be the major impacts of DENIS. Operations will start early in '94 and will last for approximately 4 years, but data will be released in stages to the community.

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Sky survey Catalogs Atlases 


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  • N. Epchtein
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  1. 1.Observatoire de Paris Département de Recherche SpatialeMeudon Principal CedexFrance

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