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Muramic acid in the cell walls of Prochloron

  • D. J. W. Moriarty


Muramic acid has been detected in Prochloron with the aid of two different techniques. It was assayed by cleaving D-lactate from muramic acid and then reducing NAD with D-lactate dehydrogenase and measuring the NADH with bacterial luciferase. Gas-liquid chromatography of trimethylsilyl derivatives of cell extracts confirmed that muramic acid was present in about the quantity given by the D-lactate assay. The amount of muramic acid present was 1.7±0.2 μg/mg dry weight or 1.3fg/μm2 of cell surface. This suggests that the thickness of the peptidoglycan layer in Prochloron is similar to that in blue-green algae.

Key words

Prochloron Muramic acid Peptidoglycan 



d-lactate dehydrogenase


muramic acid




thin layer electrophoresis


gas-liquid chromatography


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  • D. J. W. Moriarty
    • 1
  1. 1.Division of Fisheries and OceanographyCSIROClevelandAustralia

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