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Arterial blood supply of the infrapatellar fat pad

Anatomy and clinical consequences
  • D. Kohn
  • S. Deiler
  • M. Rudert
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The arterial blood supply to the infrapatellar fat pad (Hoffa's fat pad) was investgated in 12 knee joints of human cadavers. The infrapatellar fat pad is supplied by an anastomotic network which displays some striking topographic features. Its vascular blood supply protects it against necrosis, when either reconstructive operations are carried out or extensive surgical exposures of the knee are done. The blood supply to the center of the fat pad is limited. This is of practical importance for the choice of arthroscopic portals. In addition, arthroscopically verified sources of bleeding are described in 57 patients with hemarthrosis without clinically detectable instability. Rupture of the infrapatellar synovial fold can be a cause of posttraumatic hemarthrosis in rare cases. Arteries irregularly found within the fold contribute to the blood supply of the anterior aspect of the synovial membrane covering the cruciate ligaments.


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  • D. Kohn
    • 1
  • S. Deiler
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  • M. Rudert
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  1. 1.Orthopädische KlinikMedizinische Hochschule HannoverHannoverGermany
  2. 2.Chirurgische Klinik und PoliklinikUniversität MünchenMünchenGermany

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