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Flood management of the Ottawa River System under uncertainties

  • J. C. Rassam
Technical Communication


The Ottawa River System is a large-scale and complex system comprising 30 major reservoirs and 43 generating stations and has a long history of flooding that extends throughout the basin. Its operation aims primarily at meeting energy requirements but is largely affected by flood reduction and other interests such as nagivation, low flow augmentation, recreation and log driving. This paper gives a brief description of the system and of the linear programming optimization model (MORRO) that is currently used to establish operation rules in flood management. Risk analysis is outlined as a procedure to deviate from optimal policy in order to account for uncertainties in inflow forecast.

Key words

Flood management large-scale systems linear programming deterministic inflows risk analysis 


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  • J. C. Rassam
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  1. 1.Service ProductionHydro-QuébecMontréalCanada

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