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The effects of methylamphetamine on stereotyped behaviour, activity, startle, and orienting responses

  • Robert J. Kirkby
  • David S. Bell
  • Alan C. Preston
Animal Studies


In two experiments the relationships between methylamphetamine induced stereotyped behaviour and locomotory activity, startle reactivity, and orienting responsiveness were investigated in laboratory rats. Experiment I showed that administration of 5 mg/kg methylamphetamine, compared to 0.5 mg/kg methylamphetamine or saline, resulted in increased stereotypy, increased startle reactivity, and decreased orienting. Experiment II confirmed that the higher dose of methylamphetamine enhanced startle reactivity, and indicated that concomitant with this, habituation to successive startle stimuli was inhibited. The similarities between stereotypy in the rat and schizophreniform behaviour in the human were discussed.

Key words

Methylamphetamine Stereotyped Behaviour Activity Startle Response Orienting Response Schizophrenia 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Robert J. Kirkby
    • 1
  • David S. Bell
    • 1
  • Alan C. Preston
    • 1
  1. 1.Psychiatric Research UnitCallan Park HospitalRozelleAustralia

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