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Estimation of pancreatic IRI output rate and its relation to glucose tolerance in normal anaesthetized dogs


The pancreaticoduodenal and portal venous blood flows were recorded electromagnetically in anaesthetized dogs. Blood glucose and IRI were measured in the arterial, portal, and peripheral venous as well as in the intestinal venous blood. By a mathematical model the actual net IRI output of the whole pancreas was estimated. Under basal conditions it is 10.2±2.4 mU/min (n = 30; 26 kg mean body wt). After i.v. glucose injection, IRI output is rapidly enhanced. The biphasic nature of this reaction was unequivocally demonstrated by consideration of the ratio IRI output: blood glucose. Pancreaticoduodenal blood flow increases transiently in relation to the increased blood glucose concentration. The IRI secretion rate is well correlated with the blood glucose concentration and to the amounts of glucose or of blood reaching the whole pancreas. It is also correlated with the portal IRI concentration. The overall peripheral venous or arterial IRI concentrations are correlated with the IRI secretion rate, but not in all individual experiments. The different phases of IRI output (basal rate, stimulated output 1–10 min and 10–60 min) show no influence on each other, nor are they correlated with the peripheral IRI concentration area. Basal IRI output is negatively correlated with the glucose assimilation constants. These constants or the peripheral B G areas, however, are independent of the stimulated IRI output rate. However, both the assimilation constants and the peripheral BG areas are related to the peripheral IRI concentration areas. Hepatic uptake of insulin and dynamics of pancreatic blood flow seem to contribute considerably to the estimated correlation pattern.



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immunoreactive insulin activity

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blood flow through the A. pd. sup.


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