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Bladder dysfunction and neuropathy in diabetes


Established urodynamic and electrophysiological techniques have been applied to assess the frequency and extent of autonomic and peripheral neuropathy in 60 subjects with diabetes mellitus; 38 were diabetics with suggestive symptoms and the others were representative newly diagnosed (11) or treated (11) diabetics. Objective evidence of neuropathic bladder dysfunction was detected in 43 of them (71.7%). The commonest abnormality was a hypotonic, insensitive large capacity bladder, which condition was usually asymptomatic. Less frequently (15%) this was complicated by bladder decompensation and sphincter involvement, resulting in excessive residual urine and infection; some of these had bladder paralysis with chronic painless retention of urine (7%). Electrophysiological studies found a sensory defect in the lower limbs in all tested patients (100%), and in 41 patients (69%) an associated motor conduction abnormality, which was more frequent and marked in the lower than the upper limb. These functional abnormalities appeared to be related to the severity of diabetes, but less to its duration. Indeed of 11 newly diagnosed diabetics tested 7 had a peripheral neuropathy and 4 urodynamic abnormalities. The high incidence of bladder dysfunction and peripheral neuropathy in this series indicates the frequency of subclinical diabetic neuropathy and a factor needing more emphasis in diabetic uropathy.


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