The anorectic effect of a long-acting preparation of phentermine (Duromine)


The anorectic effects of phentermine resinate (Duromine) in doses of 15 mg and 30 mg were compared to placebo under double-blind, controlled conditions in six moderately overweight but otherwise healthy women aged 24 to 48. The relative changes in hunger produced by each of the three preparations over a period of 10 h were determined by using a visual analogue hunger scale. In addition the effect of each on calorie intake 5 h and 10 h after administration was measured.

Both 15 mg and 30 mg phentermine had a significant effect on calorie intake, the dosage of 15 mg reducing calorie intake by 25%, and 30 mg by 33% over the 10 h observation period. There were corresponding changes in hunger rating observed, with a correlation of +0.68 between hunger rating and calorie intake being found.

On the basis of these results it is concluded that phentermine, in doses of 15 mg and 30 mg, does have a direct appetite suppressant action.

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