Marine Biology

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Three new species of free-living marine nematodes from sublittoral sediments in Liverpool Bay

  • A. R. Ward


Three new species of free-living marine nematodes are described from sublittoral sediments in Liverpool Bay, UK. Pselionema longiseta n.sp. (Ceramonematoidea) is closest to P. longissimum Gerlach, 1952, from which it is distinguished by the longer cephalic setae and the larger amphids; Laimella filicaudata n.sp. (Chromadoroidea) is closest to L. longicauda Cobb, 1920, from which it is mainly distinguished by the much greater curvature of the spicules and the longer caudal apophyses of the gubernaculum; Pseudonchus decempapillatus n.sp. (Choanolaimoidea) is closest to P. deconincki Warwick, 1969 and is distinguished by the presence of 10, rather than 13, pre-anal supplements in the male, by the longer cephalic setae, and by the presence of numerous caudal setae.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • A. R. Ward
    • 1
  1. 1.Marine Science LaboratoriesUniversity College of North WalesMenai BridgeUK

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