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A study of the alcohol-tolerance effect and an introduction of a new behavioural technique


The alcohol-tolerance effect was studied with 12 male white rats. A two-turn task in a temporal circular maze, which possesses some advantageous features for behavioural drug studies, was used as a behavioural technique. The results show that Ss that had the repeated opportunities for running the maze while under the influence of alcohol perform much better than Ss that had merely been accustomed to alcohol but trained in a sober state. This result suggests that the tolerance effect could not be accounted for entirely in terms of physio-biochemical mechanisms, some behavioural principles may need to be invoked.

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A. N. U. Postgraduate research scholar. I thank Dr. J. R. Trotter and Mr. B. Thorley for reading the manuscript and for discussions, and Professor C. A. Gibb for his encouragement and for the facilities of his department.

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