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Degradation of pyrimidine ribonucleosides by Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Pyrimidine ribonucleoside degradation in the human pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 15692 was investigated. Either uracil, cytosine, 5-methylcytosine, thymine, uridine or cytidine supported P. aeruginosa growth as a nitrogen source when glucose served as the carbon source. Using thin-layer chromatographic analysis, the enzymes nucleoside hydrolase and cytosine deaninase were shown to be active in ATCC 15692. Compared to (NH4)2SO4-grown cells, nucleoside hydrolase activity in ATCC 15692 approximately doubled after growth on 5-methylcytosine as a nitrogen source while its cytosine deaminase activity increased several-fold after growth on the pyrimidine bases and ribonucleosides examined as nitrogen sources. Regulation at the level of protein synthesis by 5-methylcytosine was indicated for nucleoside hydrolase and cytosine deaminase in P. aeruginosa.

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