Marine Biology

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Biochemistry and microbiology of some Irish Sea sediments: I. Amino-acid analyses

  • C. D. Litchfield
  • A. L. S. Munro
  • L. C. Massie
  • G. D. Floodgate


Cores of sedimentary mud, collected on a transect between the Isle of Man and Ireland, were qualitatively analysed for free amino acids by thin-layer chromatography of the dansylated (DNS) derivatives. The DNS derivatives of isoleucine/leucine and α-aminobutyric acid were found in all samples, while the derivatives of phenylalanine, valine, arginine and ammonia were usually present. Acid hydrolysis followed by treatment with ninhydrin showed the presence of peptidyl amino acids in half the DNS-reacted extracts. No distribution pattern of amino acids was found either with geographical location or down the depths of the cores. Attempts to quantify the method were unsuccessful. Other analyses indicated the presence of glucose/galactose, but no neutral or phospholipids or recognizable plant pigments were identified.


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  • C. D. Litchfield
    • 1
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  • A. L. S. Munro
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  • L. C. Massie
    • 1
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  • G. D. Floodgate
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  1. 1.Marine Science LaboratoriesUniversity College of North WalesMenai BridgeUK
  2. 2.Marine LaboratoryAberdeenScotland, UK
  3. 3.Department of BacteriologyRutgers UniversityNew BrunswickUSA

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