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UVA-induced tumours in pigmented hairless mice and the carcinogenic risks of tanning with UVA

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An animal experiment is presented in which two groups of pigmented hairless mice were exposed daily to suberythemal doses of UVA to study tumourigenesis. The aim of the study was to estimate the carcinogenic risks of tanning by UVA. The pigmented hairless mice, Skh-hr2, were separated by selective breeding into two groups, the “browns” and the “blacks”. Both groups were exposed daily to UVA from fluorescent UVA lamps (Philips TL40W/09) purified by rigorously filtering out the shorter wavelengths. No acute actinic damage was observed after any exposure. However, in most UVA exposed animals, especially in the blacks, a marked scratching preceded the development of tumours. Hyperkeratosis was also observed. All animals developed tumours. Histopathologically at least 60% of the tumours were squamous cell carcinomas. Depositions of melanophages were observed, but no melanomas. It is beyond any doubt that UVA is carcinogenic in laboratory animals. The present state of knowledge justifies no preference for tanning with UVA over tanning with UVB.

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van Weelden, H., van der Putte, S.C.J., Toonstra, J. et al. UVA-induced tumours in pigmented hairless mice and the carcinogenic risks of tanning with UVA. Arch Dermatol Res 282, 289–294 (1990).

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