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Cyclic AMP-dependent regulation of P-type calcium channels expressed in Xenopus oocytes

  • F. Fournier
  • E. Bourinet
  • J. Nargeot
  • P. Charnet
Molecular and Cellular Physiology


Xenopus oocytes injected with rat cerebellum mRNA, express voltage-dependent calcium channels (VDCC). These were identified as P-type Ca2+ channels by their insensitivity to dihydropyridines and ω-conotoxin and by their blockade by Agelenopsis aperta venom (containing the funnel-web spider toxins: FTX and ω-Aga-IV-A). Coinjection of cerebellar mRNA and antisense oligonucleotide complementary to the dihydropyridine-resistant brain Ca2+ channel, named BI [Mori Y. et al. (1991) Nature 350:398–402] or rbA [Starr T. V. B. et al. (1991) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 88:5621–5625], strongly reduced the expressed Ba2+ current suggesting that these clones encode a P-type VDCC. The macroscopic Ca2+ channel activity was increased by direct intraoocyte injection of cAMP. This increase in current amplitude was concomitant with a slowing of current inactivation, and was attributed to activation of protein kinase A, since it could be antagonized by a peptidic inhibitor of this enzyme. Positive regulation of P-type VDCC could be of importance in Purkinje neurons and motor nerve terminals where this channel is predominant.

Key words

Rat cerebellum Phosphorylation Hybrid arrest Protein kinase A 


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  • F. Fournier
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  • E. Bourinet
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  • J. Nargeot
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  • P. Charnet
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